Lhasa Apso Dog Breeds – Things to Consider Before Buying One


We do not need to tell you the importance of knowing beyond the basic information of a dog breed before you get a member of the breed. Lhasa Apso dogs are cute and can steal the hearts of many by just their appearance. However, getting one without understanding their temperaments, maintenance requirements, feeding, and other routines may have you at your wit’s ends.

Therefore, this article will help you decide if you can handle one or maybe two or more of these cuties. 


Lhasa Apsos were originally bred as guard dogs in Tibet monasteries; therefore, a Lhasa Apso dog breed has a temperament that is fierce, regal, independent and is very particular about guarding their family and home. They often have a playful and mischievous streak under their long, royal-looking coat. 

They are especially wary of uncommon situations and strangers, but this does not make them aggressive and incapable of making friends, but they would require some coaxing. They have a natural tendency of wanting to be the leader, the dog on top; therefore, it is recommended that they start a socializing and training program from a tender age. 

You can leave them for a long time without them getting into a lot of trouble as they do not get separation anxiety. You can benefit a lot from this disposition as a dog parent to this wonderful breed. When you come back to them, they will be all over you and want to show how well they protected the home in your absence. 

Despite being small and cuddly in size, a typical Lhasa Aspo sees himself as an extremely large dog and would carry itself as one. They naturally go through life blissfully unaware of just how small they are. Their protective nature also makes them very devoted; this means they enjoy spending time with their families. 

They mature very slowly and are known to maintain their puppy-like appearance until they get old. 


A Lhasa Apso is high maintenance! And you can tell from their long, dense coats. They shed a lot and therefore require a lot of grooming to stay cute. 

Grooming Needs

You would have to give your Lhasa frequent baths, like every two to four weeks. You would also have to brush the coat every week to prevent it from getting tangled. When brushing the coat, use a brush that is double-sided, one side could have smooth bristles, and the other side could have separated pins. This will allow you to have options for the different sections of the coat.  Ensure you brush the coat in the hair growth’s direction, as doing it otherwise will cause the coat to tangle further. 

You would also have to give the coat a trim from time to time. You can choose a cut from wide varieties of dog hair cuts. Giving a Lhasa coat trim is no job for an amateur, therefore, you may have to get a professional groomer. Here is how to use dog clippers to trim a dog’s hair if you feel you are up to it. If brushing the coat would be too much trouble, then you can have the groomer give your Lhasa a “puppy cut”. Your dog would still have his cute looks so there is nothing to worry about. 

Brush its Teeth

Just like with any breed of dog, you would have to brush your Lhasa teeth regularly, this is to prevent tooth decay, and ensure it has fresher breath. This process should not sprung up on your dog; you would have to gradually introduce the concept of brushing to the dog. You must not use toothpaste for humans rather; buy a dog’s toothpaste from a pet store. 


Lhasa Apso and Children 

You do not want to leave your young child with a Lhasa as they are known to be very impatient with the unpredictable and clumsy nature of children. They tend to get a bit nippy when younger children do not show respect for their personal space. 

Older children will know how to better handle them so they would have a better relationship with them. If you have younger kids then, you may have to reconsider having this dog breed in your home. However, families with older kids have nothing to worry about. 

Lhasa Apso and Other Dogs

If you are already a dog owner then you may have a bit of an issue bringing in a Lhasa. As already mentioned, they can be wary of strangers and this includes other dogs. However, with some socializing and coaxing, they should adjust to having other dogs around. 

Feeding Routine

You would not want your dog to overeat and gain excess weight; therefore, you would have to create a feeding schedule for it. Their meals should consist more of natural raw food as processed foods can pose harm to their health in the long run. Raw food has simple ingredients that taste better, keeps them satisfied, and their coats shiny and nice. Learn more about the health benefits of raw natural foods for your dog. However, if you decide to go with processed foods, then ensure they consist majorly of healthy meats and not artificial flavorings and grains. 

You need to be as deliberate with your dog’s feeding habit as you are with yours. 


Deciding to own a dog goes beyond being enthralled by its appearance. Understanding its temperament and other important information about it is a key factor in deciding if you can handle the dog. 

This article discusses things you need to consider before you get a Lhasa Apso dog. 

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