Is Hiring a College Admissions Consultant Worth It?


“What is your college?”. It is a disastrous question for those who want to enroll in college or are already going to one. But what is the reason for the same? At the initial stage, numerous people think that the answer to this question should be their own. They feel they answer something their parents, friends, and peers would love to hear. Some others think lost while answering it. It gets complicated to answer such a question, especially in counties with hundreds and thousands of high schools and universities.

Hiring a College Admissions Consultant
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Getting into a college is amongst the most stressful tasks for the students and their families. Both of them feel overwhelmed by the seriousness of such activity. Also, about what they need to keep an eye on. When should they pay a visit to their school? When should they go to collect the SAT? Should they get the ACT? Where do they need to apply? What is the difference between a safe school and a rich school? How many of such schools should be on their list?

It is when the college admissions consultant steps into the educational world. These are highly experienced and trained professional helpers who assist the students by simply advising them to prepare themselves for college admissions. They also help them by providing valuable reviews regarding some of the top colleges and universities. If you want to hire one, do not forget to take the help of college consultants review for yourself. This is a nice way to get things done. 

Do you need the advice of a college admission consultant?

There was a time when applying to a college was a straightforward task. But now, the same procedure has become 100 times more complex. All you must do is hire a college consultant to tackle the same. You can also take the admission or assignment help from EduReviewer to deal with admission stress and enrol in some of the most respectable and reputable universities and high schools that are best suitable to your preferences and goals. A perfect consultant will help you with your admission process and ease out the entire procedure for the same.

Numerous families are engaging a consultant in the high school that enables the child to achieve success without any doubt. It is because the children are in more need of something more than just the advice of their parents and peers. Gaining substantial knowledge and guidance throughout the higher studies might prove very useful for reducing stress and increasing the possibility of success in the admission procedure.

Following are some crucial tips that will further clear your doubts about hiring an experienced college consultant:

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No rational parent could see their angry children for months on end, pestering them about exam scores and essays. You can even take the essay writing services to get some good grades. On the other hand, most of the students dread the notion of conducting their research, preparing, and handling every element of the arduous entrance process. School counselling offices, which support students, are frequently overburdened and underfunded, adding fuel to the flames. As a result, families seek outside assistance.

2. Developing a successful strategy for dealing with the complex undergraduate admission mechanism

Are you aware that universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and MIT are accepting numerous students even for the batch of 2024? The question arises: Are you sure to capitalize on the competitive decision to submit an early admission form. The funniest fact about such an educational entrance mechanism is that, while a family might endure this mechanism numerous times, the maximum number of students witness the same just once.

Even though no high school student has enough time to act as an admissions specialist, stories and legends persist. There must be a case in your society where some of the subjects fail. Even then, he gets into reputable universities such as MIT, Yale, or Harvard. You must be wondering what cheating they did to enter into such universities. The only answer to this is to get in touch with a professional consultant.

But as the entire world is suffering from the curse of coronavirus, avoiding gossip is more important than ever. There is a massive change in the rules and regulations of almost all the educational hubs. It is due to online applications and other digital mechanisms. Therefore, it gets tough to tackle all these amendments on your own. Thus, hiring a helper will enable you to think from your point of view, along with the standpoint of the admission committee.

3. Make you utter the actual story in each of your applications.

Developing a perfect personal application is becoming the most vital part of the entire entrance into any university or college. Therefore, you must go for a strategy for dealing with the same. Even though social media and numerous other platforms might help you prepare one such application, the advice of college consultants is beyond such free advice. They assist you in getting a complete portrait of your past, present, and future by gripping them on your application in a very effective and efficient manner.

What questions must you ask the counsellor before hiring them?

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  • Do you have a CEP or Certified Educational Planner) certification? The Institute of Certified educational planners or AICEP recognizes the CEP credential to such persons who successfully achieve a specific competence level concerning planning in education. It is the sole certification regarding this area. If your counsellor possesses this certification, you need to worry about your career. About 2 % of the total college consultants have this CEP certification.
  • Do they have an affiliation with a reputable professional organization?
  • How often do they pay a visit to the campuses? The appropriate ones spend about 20% of their valuable time visiting the campus. It acts as the best advisor for its clients.
  • Are they attending the conferences held by the educational hubs? It enables them to stay updated about the new changes in the admission mechanism.

In conclusion:

We hope that the above article will successfully clear your doubt about whether you must go for a college consultant or not. Hearing the same will help you avoid the massive heap of admission forms, interviews, campus visits, important dates, deadlines, and other crucial decisions. It is the best solution to solving all such terrible issues that might come in the way of your admission process. 

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