5 Best WordPress SEO Tips for Boosting the Search Ranks


Amongst the available search engines, it is undeniable that Google is the top marketing channel amongst them. While you design any website for your business purpose using any development framework, you will obviously take care of its conversion rate so that it increases the profit margin and ROI as well. 

WordPress SEO Tips

It is not necessary to know coding and learn complex jargon for proper optimization. In fact, you don’t have to be an excellent SEO expert because SEO for Las Vegas Company can do this for you. Learn 5 fast WordPress SEO tips to improve the rank of your website within a short span of time from this blog.

5 Smart WordPress SEO Tips

1. Improve the speed of the WordPress site

Loading speed of the site is another imperative tip you must consider while developing any website with the help of any framework and platform. People simply turn down the idea of visiting any site that consumes about 3 seconds for complete loading! Although Google doesn’t reward the rapid loading sites but it penalizes the slow pace site. 

But if the loading speed is fine and fast then soon it releases the penalty so that the rank of the website can be improved.  Pingdom is a reliable tool to check the loading rate of the website. 

Google Analytics is there too for letting you determine the loading rate. In case you find it is too poor then rather freaking out take necessary steps so that it can be improved. 

You have to devote 10 minutes to improving the loading time of the WordPress site. 

  1. Install and setup the most famous caching plugin 
  2. Re-upload and compress any large files on the site
  3. Use any relevant hosting provider

Though no. 2 can consume much time due to posting a number of images yet it is the easiest and best way for improving the site’s loading speed. After doing the necessary steps check the speed again on the relevant tool. If the problem persists then you must seek help from a professional of Las Vegas SEO agency regarding the complicated loading speed issue. 

2. Mobile optimization 

Desktop is being replaced by mobile successfully and now it is the most used device for browsing online. Moreover certain newly emerged aspects such as voice search enhance the usability too at the same time. Google is well-aware of that and rewards the mobile-friendly site with good position and rank. The main motto of Google is to offer the best ever experience to the end users. 

Therefore, your prime focus should be making the site mobile-compatibility. But have you ever thought how you will do that? Simply, select a mobile-friendly WordPress theme for designing the website and go through a guide for mobile-optimizing it.  

3. Erase the thin content

Thin content refers to the content of any page below 300 words and does not impose clear ideas to the readers. As it has no benefits to offer it is better to delete the unnecessary content and emphasize on the relevant and clear ones. Working with the relevant content on the other hand is a much better idea. 

Otherwise you can utilize the thin content in other ways as well. But sometimes it is difficult to know whether any content is “thin” or not as for any Ecommerce website content of the product pages are always below 300 words. Hence, you should act in a careful manner. 

4. Make sure that every image has alt text

Google image search comprises a few percentages of the total search percentage for traffic. By the inclusion of alt text in images gaining some more amount of traffic will be simpler and easier as well. 

Furthermore, alt text is used by Google for determining the page topic resulting in improving the search ranks with non-image search too. Screaming Frog is specific software that helps the WordPress SEO agency in showing good chunks of the site’s lack of alt text.

5. Review the internal linking and site structure

Proper navigation of the site is imperative for SEO as Google offers the highest position to those sites only. While maintaining the navigation, internal linking must be done for 5-15 vital pages. 

In case confusion is there regarding the importance of the site take necessary help from analytics as it will show the most trafficked pages. Accordingly internal linking must be done! For accelerating the speed of rank improvisation of any page many internal links can be done for that specific page.    

These are the most result-oriented WordPress SEO tips. Implement these in your site today to boost up the rank of your website in the search engine. There is no tweak as Google ranks the most relevant info-stuffed pages only. 

In case, you are not so skilled in SEO, seek assistance from any professional. Induji Tech is there too for assisting your business by doing most efficient SEO. Get in touch with the team to know more.   

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