Xbox One : 9 Important Facts We Don’t Know About It

Microsoft has finally had its chance to blow us out of the water with their announcement of the Xbox One. And boy, were we blown away…far away from it. The news has, so far, been pretty disappointing. Here are some things we know about the Xbox One so far.

The Xbox One can replace your cable box

This is one topic Microsoft kept on emphasizing – you’ll be able to use your Xbox One to watch TV. Sure, this will help you reduce the amount of machinery you have on your TV stand, but why are they putting so much focus on watching shows? Last time I checked, I already watch television shows on my…well…television. Hopefully they have more to show us at E3.

Every Xbox One will come with new Kinect hardware

If you recently purchased Kinect hardware for your Xbox 360, this is bad news for you for a couple of reasons. You will, unfortunately, need to shell out more money for new Kinect hardware and…

Xbox One will be released sometime this year

Although Microsoft was very vague in stating that the X-Box One will be released “sometime later this year,” they usually stay true to their words. More information will probably be released once E3 rolls around.

The Kinect needs to be plugged in at all times

In order for the console to function, your Kinect must be plugged in. It also requires constant internet access. This is raising many worries for future Xbox One users. Mainly because…

The machine will always be on stand-by

That means that the box will never be completely “turned off.” Microsoft claims that this is because they want the console to be ready for you at all times, but people can’t help but to be paranoid about Big Brother stepping into the picture.

You’ll be able to multi-task

Unlike current consoles, which usually only allow you to be running one application at a time, the Xbox One will allow you to run multiple applications. This means you can play your game, take a break and watch something, then resume your game right where you left off. This will help you save some time because…

Games and applications can download and update in the background

This means you won’t have to wait 30 minutes for the latest patch to download and install just so you can play your game. You’ll be able to do other things during the interim.

Xbox One will not be backwards compatible

The last 8 years of your Xbox 360 video game collection will not be playable on your new system. That sucks, right? But there’s more on this topic…

The “used games” trade may no longer exist

The Xbox One will be implementing a sort of “digital signature” for each video game purchase. At the moment, Microsoft has been very vague and unclear about this topic, but everything they have stated so far just further complicates our understanding of how they plan on handling this, or if they plan on dealing with used games at all.

Hopefully, Microsoft will be bringing us better news in the upcoming E3 conference. Otherwise, I won’t be surprised if an angry mob throws them in the parking lot to join the Ouya.

These were a few things a very few people know about the Xbox one.

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