5 Best Wireless Microphone for iPhone, iPad

Audio are actually Sound pretty decent on any wireless microphone for iPhone and iPod. However, if you regularly record interviews, YouTube videos, or podcasts, you should definitely invest in an external iPhone microphone. You can also use these microphones or external wireless microphone for iPhone on the camera or record music, meetings, etc.

wireless microphone for iphone

A tip: activate the airplane mode during the recording, otherwise you will probably feel a return or distortion of the mobile phone.

We’re going to focus on the best iPhone microphones that use the Lightning connector in 2020, as Apple has used and will likely continue to use this for the latest iPhone, but you’ll also find some that use the headphone jack. .

Moreover an iPhone, these external microphones are also very compatible with an iPad Pro or iPad, and also iPhone provided. They have a beautiful connector that Apple launched with the iPhone 5.

Shure MV88

The Shure MV88 is my first choice for an external microphone for the iPhone. This build quality is very solid and made of metal. It has a directional microphone and stereo system. A great thing is that the first choice is that it rotates and rotates so you can position with your own and very precisely. This Microphone is the best wireless microphone for iPhone video recording and also best wireless microphone for iPhone x

There is  a free app named ShurePlus MOTIV and it is so good. adjust the gain levels, change the stereo width, change the equalization settings, swap left and right and much more again. If you want to learn more about the app and the microphone, read our MV88 test.

It also comes with a helmet adapter, carrying case, and foam windshield, though the Rycote AMV88-FUR Shure Windure Jammer does a much better job outdoors.

Zoom iQ6 X/Y

The Zoom iQ6 always uses the same condenser new microphones as the Zoom H4N Pro portable best audio recorder. The recording range can be set between 90 and 120 degrees. The numbered wheel you see in the front is the microphone gain control, which allows you to quickly make settings without having to open the software. There is also a headphone / line-out jack that can be used during recording and playback. It’s great if you have a new iPhone 7 that no longer has a standard headphone jack.It is known as best wireless micro phone for ipad.

One of the most notable features is the removable spacer that allows you to use the Zoom iQ6 with or without an iPhone case. It has 3 LEDs that give you a visual signal of your levels. Zoom also has an iPhone new recording best application in which you can record AAC or  WAV files.

Zoom iQ7 Mid-Side

The Zoom iQ7 is similar to the iQ6 above, but uses a mid-side microphone configuration that gives you much more flexibility. One of the problems with X / Y recording is that you get stuck while recording. 

Mid-side shots let you make adjustments after production. Mid-side is also always mono compatible. B&H has a great explanation for mid-side shots if you want to know more.

With the switch on the right you can easily set between M-S, 120 ° stereo and 90 ° stereo. As with the iQ6, there is a hardware microphone gain control at the front and in the middle as well as a combined headphone / line-out socket. The microphone capsules can also be rotated in different directions to position them correctly for your subject or scene.

Rode VideoMic Me-L

The Rode VideoMic Me-L was announced in late August 2018 and is an updated Lightning version of the popular VideoMic Me. This version can be found in the 3.5mm new headphone jack with a section at the bottom of the page.

It has a 3.5mm jack that allows you to connect headphones to monitor your audio, a directional kidney sensor model, and a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.Like the other version, this one comes with a windshield, which is always nice.

Rode SC6-L

Rode has just released the Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit.It comes with two smartLav + microphones, two windshields, two clip clips, an adapter / junction box and a small carrying case.Not only is it of great value, it also gives you the ability to record interviews anywhere.

With the Rode Reporter app, you can record separate tracks for each microphone if necessary, in addition to direct monitoring, gain control, etc.It is a really impressive little kit and highly recommended.

You may want an additional cable length and Rode offers the specially developed SC1 20 ‘extension cable

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