7 Best Different Wedding Photography Styles

So, your wedding date has been fixed, you have booked a dreamy venue, and you are ready with almost everything related to your wedding like wedding photography. You are ready with the most stylish outfit for your wedding and it is time to hire the written photographer who can get the right clicks of your wedding day. Though finding the caterer to choosing the right venue, almost everything is easy to do but hiring the right wedding photographer is such a daunting task. 

Wedding Photography Styles

Whether you are looking for some budget photography or something else, these styles will help you to get the solid moments of your wedding day. Of course, you want all the photographs of the wedding day epic. So, you should first work out which photography style you should choose. Have a look at the different photography styles: 

Wedding Photography Styles Tips for Hiring a Photographer

Regular wedding photography styles 

Regular wedding photography covers your entire marriage ceremony. In regular photography, everything has been recorded by the photographer. There is nothing specific in this style of photography yet it covers the entire wedding and captures this entire special day in special moments. 

Contemporary photography 

Contemporary wedding photography style has been inspired by fashion photography. Contemporary photography is also known as fashion, editorial, and creative. With the use of the lighting setup, fashionable poses, and all other equipment, contemporary photography has been done. Firstly, the style of photography has been chosen for commercial purposes but with the passage of time, nowadays many clients want to get this style of photography done on their wedding day. 

Traditional wedding photography 

Most of the wedding albums contain traditional wedding photographs. These albums tend to have a lot of traditional wedding shots. Traditional poses are usually classic and posted. These shots are usually group shots and the click of the first kiss of the couple and so on. In this style of photography, the Bristol Wedding Photographer does not have to guide or direct the people to get the perfect click. To become the photographer of this style, a photographer should have experience beforehand and he/she should be comfortable in taking charge. In this photography style, real and unguarded moments have been captured. 

Vintage wedding photography 

All thanks to the popularity of the vintage style that has brought the vintage style wedding photography. There is something unique about the old photographs that seem appealing to people. These are the pictures that can evoke nostalgia and makes the pictures perfect. Many clients nowadays are preferring vintage wedding photography Somerset style to make their photographs more special and appealing. 

Black and white wedding photography 

To get classic and timeless pictures, black and white is the right wedding photography Somerset style. Though there are certain people who prefer colored photographs instead of black and white photos. It is just a matter of preference as they want everything colored but these look appealing to some and they choose this style of photography for their special day. Having proper lighting for the shoot makes the photographs even more appealing and attractive. 

Arial wedding photography style 

A modern wedding photographer helps us to keep updated with the latest trends present out there. Arial wedding photography style is also one of the latest photography trends that requires some special equipment like a drone camera and so on. It has been used to show the outer and open wedding locations and click some photographs that create the magical shoots. These shoots are always interesting to watch and cover the best of the locations.  

Whether you are limited to the indoor location still Arial style wedding photography allows you to click some magnificent shots. 

Natural wedding photography style 

The natural wedding photography style has been mixed with the other style of wedding photography. In this style of photography, lighting has been used to click natural photographs. The couple has not directed or guided by the photographer. But for this style of photography, the photographer had to be skilled in dealing with the shadows and other lighting difficulties. 


There are numerous numbers of wedding photography Somerset styles have been available and you can choose the perfect one as per your choice. Make sure you hire the right photographer with a great experience and reputation in the market so that you can get great clicks and shoots that can bring the smile to your face at any moment whenever you saw those later.  

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