14 Websites You Should Checkout For a Fab UI Design

There’s a quote that says Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive. This quotation is for all those creative geniuses who are indulged in carving amazing website designs. But conceiving a mindboggling, out-of-the-box, and noteworthy mobile website design isn’t a cakewalk. Let’s admit that even an ultra-creative brain has certain limitations.

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Thus, we all seek inspirations to brew new ideas to conceive a quirky web design. Do know the best thing about inspiration? It is omnipresent! To surpass the expectations of a client, as they never end, a website designer should be a consistent learner and observer. You never know where inspiration knocks at the door!

Once you’re inspired by the design, the next stepping stone is crafting a web design that serves its purpose. At times, overwhelmed web designers conceive quintessential mobile web designs that are eye-pleasing but don’t fulfill the actual purpose. Hence, it is essential to consider everything while carving a flawless mobile web design. So, to lend a helping hand to mobile web designers, a list of UI/UX inspirations is unfurled below. Take a look and bookmark that amazes you.

Let’s Commence…

Below, the names of some credible and popular UI/UX websites to which web designers look up to. They’re pure eye-candies, hot, and curated. 

1. Dribbble

 Dribbble is the best platform where you can get inspired and awe-inspired at the same time. It is the abode that showcases Work-in-Progress of web designers worldwide. Besides, it is a social networking platform designed for web designers for sharing designing ideas, tips, and hacks.


If you’re all set to enter the market as an individual web designer, standing out is a must for you. To present your mobile web design portfolio better than others, HTTPSTER would be a great platform to explore ideas.

3. Awwwards 

Awwwards is a website that cannot be missed out at all. This platform houses various intricate website designs conceived by designers across the world. Now, here comes the best part- it has a poll feature that allows visitors to vote for the best website design contenders. The polling is done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

4. Ecomm

The clue is in the name itself. Ecomm has the core emphasize on the ecommerce mobile web design. Billions of ecommerce website and application designs are available here. You can take inspiration from here before commencing on the next project of designing an ecommerce application.

5. Siimple 

This one is for all those web designers who adore the blend of simplicity and quirkiness. Siimple will provide you countless websites, for all domains, hand-picked by professionals as per your requirement.

6. SiteInspire

The web designing sector is ever-evolving. Since web designers need a daily dose of plug-in updates or random upgrades, SiteInspire serves the best platter. Apart from well-curated website designs, you can find the information related to special plug-ins that will make web navigation smooth. 

7. Niice

Creativity never halts and can be blended without going off the track. No website other than Niice is better than bringing the filtered copies of website template layers. When you wish to incorporate multiple designs on a website to create a Magnum Opus, Niice wouldn’t step back from assisting. Browse through the wide range of distinctively created mobile web designs inspired from multiple designs.

8. Good Web Design

As its name suggests, this website is all about some special designs for the landing page of the website. Its gallery is full of animations that embellish the website landing page to make it look quirky. You should definitely try it out for a better experience of crafting quirky landing pages.

9. Mobbin

More than half of the world uses iPhones and creating iOS-compatible mobile websites isn’t a cakewalk. Well, it can be a cakewalk when you look up to Mobbin. Calling it a ‘showroom’ for the handpicked iOS web designs wouldn’t be wrong. It has over 10K iOS mobile web designs with It-Looks-Like-This screenshot. Definitely worth a check for your next iOS app/web design!

10. Land-Book

Land-Book is the next Mecca of web design for mobiles. The gallery of designs introduces you to some of the latest (and smooth) portfolio-oriented mobile websites. It emphasizes on the website landing pages from the core that makes them ultra-smooth. In other words, adding additional media to landing pages crafted on the Land-Book modules hang less frequently as compared to other websites.

11. UI Movement

If you’re a web graphic designer that adores incorporating animations and GIFs (to a certain limit) then you should explore UI Movement. Many old hands from the web design industry recommend looking up to UI Movement for the theme-based animations and GIFs. Every day, countless transitions, animations, and GIFs are added to its gallery based on different themes. Undoubtedly it’s vivid and a visual retreat to the eyes of a web designer.

12. One Page Love           

When your client has a limited budget, you can easily please him/her by creating a single-page website. Instead of looking into the previous lot, simply visit One Page Love. It is a website comprising an enormous collection of single-page website themes. Regardless of the industry, you can easily flog different themes to conceive a unique single page scrolling site. The client’s money save is equivalent to your additional efforts saved.

13. Mindsparkle Mag

You’re among 657,986,458 and counting web designers who love experimenting with creativity. To find some Magnum Opus web designs, from all over the world, you should visit Mindsparkle Mag. Its vast assortment of quintessential websites from all over the Blue Planet will make you go crrrrrazyy!

14. The UI Garage

How would your mobile website design look on a tab? Whether a bit distorted, grained, or blingy, you’ll find all answers at The UI Garage. It not only offers various themes for developing web designs for mobile, but assists in fixing the loopholes when the same website is viewed on a tab or iPad. 

Wrapping It Up

“Inspirational indeed” could be your words after you navigate through these digitally boisterous websites. The marvelous collections of different themes and ideas are simply amazing right from page one of the websites about whom you read. In this collection of ours, they are the ‘Chosen Ones’ owing to their smooth UI and UX. Some major ones were excluded because some can be Too Complex to use. But by turning to the above-listed names, we’re sure you’ll be delighted.