7 True Crime YouTube Channels You Need to Watch

YouTube has contributed to the fame of many influencers and kickstarted countless careers. The video sharing platform has advanced far beyond the days of fail compilations and questionable tutorials. It is now a hub of informational and high quality content, including true crime. 

True Crime YouTube Channels

It’s a topic that interests huge swathes of society and has done for centuries. From unsolved ‘who-dunnit’ crimes like those such as Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer through to solved crimes from the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer and Katherine Knight, humans have always and will always have a morbid fascination with crime.

The video retelling of heinous crimes really came into the mainstream when shows such as Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ made their debut. This gave rise to many true crime YouTube channels being set up, and their grip is such that in 2019, true crime videos amassed over two billion views alone. 

If you’re a true crime buff or are simply looking to find out more about the darker side of humanity, here are seven channels you need to check out. 

1. BuzzFeed Unsolved

Those who frequent the true crime genre of YouTube will have come across BuzzFeed Unsolved. With over 4.3 million subscribers, BuzzFeed Unsolved is one of the biggest true crime channels on YouTube. The content ranges from conspiracy theories and their ‘Haunting History’ series through to unsolved missing persons cases and murders. It’s a great place to start for those new to true crime. 

2. Danelle Hallan

Danelle Hallan has over half a million subscribers and gained fame after she started to document missing person cases, but she also covers unsolved murders as well as solved cases. A lot of her content focuses on cases that gained little to no media traction and that are largely still unsolved. Her primary focus is to raise awareness of cases and she provides case update videos for those who follow her videos closely. This is a channel for those who want lengthy, in-depth content. 

3. Gabulosis

If cold cases and period crimes are your vice, this is the channel for you. With over 118k subscribers and 140+ videos, there’s plenty of content to watch. It has a large community to discuss your thoughts with. Gabulosis – also known as Gaby – rarely focuses on well-covered, modern cases which is what gives her channel an edge. Her series, ‘Vintage and Vanished’, shines a light on decades old mysteries, perfect for those cold case couch sleuths. 

4. Bailey Sarian

Another channel focused on little-known crimes is Bailey Sarian. With over 3.2 million subscribers, Bailey is one of the bigger true crime channels. Her chatty tone and unique storytelling capture viewers around the world. She became popular for her ‘Murder Mystery & Makeup’ series during which we does her makeup and recounts a murder case. If you share an interest in makeup and crime, Bailey Sarian is the channel for you. 

5. Eleanor Neale

In just four short years, Eleanor Neale has grown her channel to over 1.2 million subscribers. Her content focuses on all types of true crime, including well known cases such as the Yorkshire Ripper and a mix of lesser known cases, both solved and unsolved. She is from the UK and sines a spotlight on many cases from across the decades in Britain, as well as around the world.

6. True Crime Daily

Over four million people have subscribed to True Crime Daily, a channel that focuses on a vast plethora of crimes. They have many different series’, including their popular ‘Deadly Romances’, ‘Bad Parents’, ‘Suicide or Murder’ and ‘Medical Crime Stories’ playlists. There’s a range of unsolved murders, cold cases and other crime stories. This channel really does cover all aspects of true crime. 

7. Reel Truth Crime

Feature-length documentaries and videos are a staple of Reel Truth Crime. They promise three full length episodes (in excess of 40 minutes) every week, so if you’re addicted to new content, this is the channel for you.

They have several playlists filled with hours worth of videos, including their ‘Unfaithful’, ‘Death Row Stories’ and ‘Personal Justice’ reels. With over half a million subscribers, Reel Truth Crime is a channel to keep an eye on in the true crime genre thanks to its in-depth videos.

There are literally thousands of true crime and investigation YouTube channels to subscribe to, so no matter how niche your interests, there’s a channel for you.