Top Monuments To Visit Near Tirta Gangga Bali

Tirta Gangga is a lavishly decorated water garden in East Bali, spread over 1.2 hectares of crystal-clear ponds, natural koi ponds and tropical gardens surrounding it. Formerly, these grounds were part of the ancient royal palace of the Karangasem kingdom, which was later turned into an ornamental garden accented with bathing pools, ornate fountains, stone carvings of ancient deities, stepping stones, and breezy pavilions. The name ‘Tirta Gangga’ alludes to the holy river Ganga in Hinduism and bears great significance for the Hindu heritage of the Balinese people. Several pilgrims could be found at the site who carry back the springwater in pots bearing its spiritual value. 

Top Monuments To Visit Near Tirta Gangga Bali

The central attraction of the garden is an imposing eleven tiered fountain that spouts water in several gorgeous cascades. There are several impressively carved stone figures bearing cudgels, mostly of ancient Hindu deities, scattered throughout the beautiful gardens. Visitors can easily get to the middle of the pond by following the polygonal stepping stones that trace the paths. In the clear waters, swarms of large red carp and koi fish can be seen roaming and you can feed them from your own hands too! On the other hand, a few exquisitely carved Balinese dragon statues appear to be the sentinels of a bridge connecting between the two sides of the pond!

Taman Tirtagangga Royal Water Garden is a cool retreat on the Karangasem regency ‘s eastern highlands in East Bali. It lies on the south-eastern slope of the island’s highest mountain, Mount Agung. Explore these incredible islands and the historic sites near Taman Tirta Gangga Bali.

Bajra Sandhi Monument in Bali

The Bajra Sandhi Monument construction process was also a kind of struggle, with the process initiated in 1981 but stuck for several years. The monument is situated in Niti Mandala, Renon, Denpasar, an area that is home to most of the government offices. It stands majestically in the middle of a green field that is usually used by the public for sports such as jogging, soccer and basketball during early morning or evening sessions and is always full of people doing activities on Sunday mornings.

The Bajra Sandhi Monument has a chamber upstairs and can be accessed only by the stairs in the centre of the pond. From the chamber, you can see the field’s green grass, rooftops of houses and buildings that occupy the scene around it. The unique design of the Bajra Sandhi Monument attracts many visitors every day, and art exhibitions such as photo or painting competitions are taking place quite often in the exhibition room. There’s an even nicer view from outside the diorama hall, where you can enjoy the scenery while savouring the breeze.

Tugu Singa Ambara Raja in Bali

Singa Ambara Raja Monument is the mascot of Singaraja city in Buleleng regency, as the capital city of Buleleng. Singa Ambara Raja Monument was built in 1971 to commemorate the power of “KI GUSTI NGURAH PANJI SAKTI”. He was a ruler of the northern part of Bali as The Island of Gods in 1660. He was successful in building North Bali into a developed area. Singa Ambara Raja Monument symbolizes the strength, knight, and power of the Bali north leader. This monument is located in the middle of Singaraja city, at the fork, in front of the Regent’s office. 

This monument is supported by a statue with lotus shape, with 9 lotus petals which is the symbol of 9 districts in Buleleng Regency. The long feathers on both sides of the wings are 30 strands. That is the symbol of the birth date of Singaraja city. The feathers that grow from 3 pieces of wing bone as the symbol of the birth month of Singaraja city. And then the feather that covered the entire body of the lion is amount 1604 as the symbol of the year of the birth of Singaraja city. And every year, Buleleng people celebrate the anniversary of Singaraja city by a Buleleng Festival.

Titi Banda Statue in Bali

Titi Banda Statue is a magnificent and monumental icon in Denpasar City. It told stories about the Ramayana epic, namely the character Rama who built the Titi Banda Bridge in the middle of the sea with the help of monkey troops that would pick up Sita abducted in Lanka.

Gunung Kawi in Bali

One of Bali ‘s largest ancient temple complexes, the Candi Gunung Kawi, sits at the bottom of a lush river valley running through the little town of Tampaksiring located just northeast of Ubud. Comprising a collection of ancient ‘Candi’ or shrine reliefs carved directly on the face of a rock cliff, this is one of the most amazingly unique historical sites. Also, it is an important holy place for the Balinese.

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