Web Application Development Process: Step by Step Description

Web Application Development Process

To create a ready-made, user-friendly web application that will become popular among users, you need to put in a lot of effort. Everyone knows that in order to achieve something you need to try and do your best. It is not enough just to come up with a good idea, you need to find and assemble a team of real professionals who can make it a reality.

For those who plan to create a successful, popular and profitable web application that will win the hearts of users, the following will serve a step-by-step development process.

Create a team to develop a web application

The main step towards the development of a web product is the creation of a team that will include all the necessary specialists to implement each of the subsequent stages. Without experience in this area, it will be quite difficult to find specialists, so the best solution may be to search for technical partners who will be ready to offer their portfolio as evidence that programmers have experience and relevant skills.

But this decision does not exclude risks. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to carry out an additional check:

  • Read reviews;
  • Check if the team has recommendations;
  • Hold a personal meeting – online or offline.

It is important to evaluate the competence of the selected team, to see the results of its work. The search for contractors implies the fact that you will have to build partnerships and you need to prepare for this. Also, you need to make sure that technical partners treat you as a client, not as a buyer, but as a person with whom they share a vision of the tasks set.

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What to do next: step by step instructions

Creating a web application is a laborious and lengthy process. It is necessary to pay attention to each step so that the result meets expectations. So, the main stages of the process, or rather its technical component, are described below.

1. Packaging concept.

Conceptualization allows you to turn an abstract idea into a finished working project. To package the concept, it is worth initially defining and prescribing the following nuances:

  • Characteristics of the target audience;
  • Type, meaning and tasks of the application;
  • Why users need your development;
  • What do you want from the application?

For convenience, when developing a concept, mind maps can be used.

2. Start of the development process.

Better to start with a meeting. Effective communication with team members will allow developers to better understand what result they should produce. The more active and effective communication is, the more likely it is to get the most accurate implementation of the idea in compliance with the concept.

At the kick-off meeting, you can discuss the nuances regarding the tools used. It is also possible at the initial stage to determine the MVP, test various options for models and technologies that will be used in the work.

3. Creation of a basis and development of design.

The design largely determines the success of the future application, so it is developed at the initial stages and it is given special attention. Essentially, IT professionals develop starter layouts or application scaffolds. Already at this stage, it becomes possible to see and visualize the model of the future product. For design development, specialists most often use Adobe XD and Figma, but programmers can use other software products if it is more convenient for them.

‍4. Development of the basis of the web application.

At the development stage, flexible frameworks are used, all necessary additions are made, developers ensure the operation of all the functions of the future product. Maximum quality is ensured, initial testing is carried out, and then the product is prepared for release. These functions are carried out using programs in an automated manner, and some, for example, testing, can additionally be used in manual mode for greater efficiency.

5. Support after app launch.

When the application is already ready and tested directly by the developers, the process is not yet complete. After that, a team of specialists launches with subsequent support, during which possible shortcomings and errors are identified. The work of the product is corrected in accordance with the wishes or comments of users. New functions and sections are added depending on the goals.

This stage requires special flexibility from the development team. In the course of the application’s operation, there may be a need to supplement, expand the functionality, or improve the existing set of functions. In such situations, the development team makes adjustments, supplements or updates the product.

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