Reasons Why You Should Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Keeping your teeth clean and mouth odour free isn’t just maintaining an appealing appearance. It is much more than that. Poor dental hygiene can lead to many health problems. An unattractive smile is nothing compared to the issues you have to face if you don’t maintain good oral health. Maintaining good dental hygiene will help you in preventing bad breath (Halitosis), tooth decay, and gums related diseases. Therefore, visiting the best dental clinic in Dubai frequently is vital if you want to enjoy good oral health.

Researchers believe that good dental hygiene isn’t only essential for a healthy mouth, but it can also help in the prevention of other severe health issues. A person having gum diseases is more prone to serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc. But this isn’t all, according to research pregnant women who have bad oral health are more likely to give premature births. Another research showed that women having halitosis and bad dental hygiene takes longer to conceive when compared with other women.

Connection Between Your Mouth & Health:

Your mouth is the gateway to your body. A proper examination of your mouth may reveal your overall health issues. The saliva in your mouth can show symptoms of diseases that you have in your body. Doctors think that they can detect signs of many problematic diseases through oral signs and symptoms.

Systemic diseases such as diabetes and AIDS start as showing signs of mouth lesions or ulcers. Additionally, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90% of diseases show oral symptoms. Likewise, the bacteria in your mouth can also cause certain digestive and respiratory diseases. Normally, the saliva in your mouth washes away harmful germs and bacteria that may cause health issues. However, if you take certain painkillers, antihistamines, diuretics, or anti-depressants, your saliva production is reduced, which can lead to an increase in oral germs & bacteria.

Diseases Caused as a Result of Bad Oral Hygiene:

Bad oral hygiene can contribute to many health diseases. Some of those diseases are:

· Endocarditis:

It is the infection on the inner lining of your heart’s walls, the endocardium. The main cause of this disease is the bacteria or germs that get attached to the walls of your heart. the bacteria from your mouth and other parts of the body enter the bloodstream through which they can enter your heart causing infection.

· Pneumonia:

The main cause of Pneumonia is bad oral health. A person can suffer from pneumonia when the harmful bacteria from their mouth enter their lungs causing infection.

· Pregnancy & Birth Complications:

Dental conditions such as periodontitis are often the cause of premature and low weight childbirth.

· Heart Diseases:

Studies suggest that many cardiovascular diseases such as clogging of arteries and stroke are caused because of oral bacteria. The inflammation and infections that oral bacteria cause might be the cause of heart disease.

· Alzheimer’s Disease:

Bad oral hygiene is also linked with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

· Osteoporosis:

The cause of Osteoporosis is also linked with periodontal tooth diseases and bone loss.

· Diabetes:

If you have bad oral health, you won’t be able to control your diabetes.

Other than this, diseases such as eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren’s syndrome is also related to bad oral health.

Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene:

As your mouth is the window to your body, therefore, you should maintain good oral hygiene if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

·       Brush regularly: develop a habit of brushing twice a day to prevent any dental disease from happening.

·       Try to floss at least once a day. Flossing can help in getting rid of the food residues that you cannot remove through brushing.

·       Eat healthily. Consuming healthy food rich in fibers will boost your dental health.

·       Avoid sugary foods and drinks. The sugar in sodas can cause plaque that is the cause of many dental issues.

·       Avoid smoking.

·       Replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

·       Regularly visit your dentist. 

Apart from this, if you are having any toothaches you should visit your dentist immediately. Select a dental clinic that offers the best services for different tooth-related issues and other treatments such as implants, veneers Dubai, etc.

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