Planning to Buy a Used Car? Watch Out for these Scams

Finding an affordable and a little older car from Dubai car dealers is a convenient way to get your hands on a set of wheels rather than buying off the lot. But whether you buy a new car or used, the procedure is lengthy, with a lot of paperwork. There is a lot of information to take into account and a lot at stake.

used car

And while all of this is going on, the last thing you need is for the salesperson to use tricks and scams to boost their bottom line at your expense. The best way to avoid scams when you are buying a used car is knowing about the scams and to detect and avoid them.

Let’s see how you can avoid these commonly used car selling scams:

It’s my friend’s car. I am just helping him sell it

A true car buff would see through it right away, but many don’t. Selling their car passing it off as their friend’s means that they deny knowing any faults with the vehicle or the condition it’s.

Check the title and see if the registration matches. Run the VIN on online portals. Get your mechanic to check the car, and also ask for the ID of the car’s seller and take a photo for recordkeeping. This helps you in ensuring that it is not a stolen car.

The mileage is very low. I barely drove it

This is a common phrase you hear when buying a used car, particularly an old model. Do not fall for this scam. The average miles per year on a used car is 12,000 miles. So, if you are buying a 2005 car in 2020, the odometer cannot read less than 180,000 miles.

If the odometer reads less, you have most probably come across an odometer fraud case. You can compare the mileage on the odometer with the mileage on the car’s maintenance records.

The last owner ran into a minor accident with this car

If the seller tells you that the car has been in a minor accident, and doesn’t give you any details, it indicates serious damage to the car. And it may not be cosmetic. Your best bet would be to run the VIN online and comb through the reports and records.

It is important to get your mechanic to inspect the vehicle as every accident is not documented. For example, if the car owner hit a curb, damaging a rim or smashed the car into the wall, you won’t find it online. This could lead you to buy a damaged vehicle even after taking all the measures to prevent that from happening.

The car comes as is, I drove it last, and it was alright

It is almost always that when the car comes as is, there is something wrong with the vehicle. They would rather say that the vehicle has not been driven for some time but worked fine when they drove it the last time. The idea is to underplay any damage.

And if there is any damage that becomes apparent during the test drive, they put it all on you. Be wary of the ‘as-is’ part in the ad. It indicates that they won’t be taking any responsibility for what happens when you take off with the car. This is the issue. So, ask for the VIN and check for yourself for any records of damage in the past. Do consult your mechanic before arriving on a decision.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it isn’t

What if you come across an under-priced car, and the seller is in a hurry to sell? You would think that you got yourself a good deal, right? The truth is, if it seems too good to be true, don’t believe it.

Although such deals on used cars are few and far between, mostly it is another scam. For instance, if you hear of a vehicle that can go easily at $10,000, but the seller is giving it away for $1500, the vehicle surely has some major damage or an underlying problem they are not revealing to you. That’s why they want to sell off the car as fast as they can.

When you come across a car being sold for far less than it normally runs for online, you would be attracted to grab the offer quickly. And this makes you, the buyer, overlook the damages or check its validity.

All in all, if you are on the lookout for second-hand cars for sale in Dubai, inspect the car thoroughly. Furthermore, check its reports online to ensure that you have found a reliable seller and you have made the right choice without falling victim to a scam.