How to Convert Your PDF Files Into Different File Formats with PDFBear

If you are someone who handles PDF files daily, then you might know the right tricks in converting different file formats, such as Word and Excel, to PDF files. But what if you need to reverse the process? What if you need to convert the PDF files into different formats? This can happen due to different reasons: file compatibility, software availability, and purpose.

So instead of looking for another software that can help you convert PDF into different file formats, why not check out PDFBear? It is a cloud-based converter tool that has over 20 features that you can use to organize, view, and edit your files. Here are some converter tools that you should check out! 


How to Covert PDF to PNG

If you have always been wondering about how to convert PDF to PNG files in the most convenient way, then you already know the answer. This website can efficiently extract each page into a PNG file, or you can use all the images that are in the PDF file.

To start converting, select the tool, and upload the file that you want to extract into images. Pick the option that you want: you can either turn all pages into images, or the tool can scan and extract the images you have in your file. 

This can be helpful when you don’t have any PDF reader on your device. Especially if you are trying to access the file using your phone. After converting the file, you can open it using your gallery application. 

PDF to Excel

Excel files are the most recommended file when you are handling a lot of data and information. So if you only have the PDF and you need to edit some data, you can use this tool. PDFBear is supported by Solid Documents, which is one of the productivity and file software out there. That is why whenever the website would process and scan a file, it is always accurate.

In this case, this tool can scan and correctly place the data on their proper cells. Another advantage of using this website is that the whole process will only take two minutes. So if you are in a hurry, using this tool will always be in your favor. 

To start converting, upload the PDF file to the server. Once the file is up, this tool will automatically process the file. So all that is left for you to do is wait for the conversion process to finish. 

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This tool may be the easiest way to finish a slideshow presentation. This tool is one of PDFBear’s unique tools that you should check out. Since our data is converted into an editable file, all that is left to do is to add some animations. All conversions happen on the cloud, which means that this website will not utilize your CPU. 

To start converting, upload the file to the PDF to PPT converter tool. Your file will upload instantly and will be automatically processed into a slideshow presentation.

Download the finished product after a few minutes, depending on how big the file is. This website is compatible with any device or any browser. So it does not matter if you are only using your phone for the process. This website will retain the quality of the original files no matter what device you use. 

PDF to Word 

This tool is going to be one of your favorites. At least once in your life, you will encounter a scenario where you need to edit some data from your PDF file. Since this format is meant to be un-editable, the next logical thing to do is to retype everything into a new Word file. But not anymore! Thanks to this tool, supported by Optical Character Recognition, all you have to do is upload the file to the converter tool.

Wait for a few seconds as the website extracts the texts and transfers them to your Word file. Download your new editable file and review the data. Indeed, this converter tool is a game-changer when it comes to managing files. 

Even if you are not the most tech-savvy person in the world, you should be able to navigate this website without any problem. The user-interface is beginner-friendly and is not complicated. Plus, for every tool of PDFBear, there is a guide that you can easily follow when processing your files. 

Be the master of all file formats in no time!

When it comes to any files, PDFBear is a powerful suite that is designed to boost productivity and efficiency. So whether you are using the tools for yourself or a group, PDFBear can handle all of it for you.

With millions of users around the world, this website proves that editing files do not have to be a drag. Bookmark all these tools on your device for easy access, and check out PDFBear’s other tools!