OgyMogy – Identify Employees Who Misuse Company’s Resources


In childhood we all dream of a rich and luxurious life. Becoming rich and wealthy was easy at that time. It was all in our head. Imagination power was strong and that was the only power needed at that time to be wealthy. Now, look where we are. Well can’t say dream have been changed, but now it comes with the loud and clear reality check of “it ain’t that easy’.You need to go to work and remain focus on your goals and it takes time(maybe a lifetime).


Work is an essential part of grown-up life. Most of us are bound to 9 to 5 jobs. Some of us are living an employee’s life, others are employers. Whatever part you belong to, we all want to make better use of our energy and time and make money. Any kind of divergence in any possible way can be hazardous for our goals.

Let’s take an office example. You think your boss is a disciplined weirdo who is always in panic mode and reminding you about deadlines. Well, First of all, welcome to adult life, secondly he just wants his earnings its nothing personal. To make better use of his workforce is part of his job. Well, every employer wants his employees to work deliberately and efficiently and they will make sure to achieve this in whatever way possible.

We all know some colleagues and friends who are always more than relaxed and tension free about their work life. It’s not like they are not hardworking or something but they know short cuts and tricks to always getaway. They are the bad bunch and it is necessary to trace them out for the betterment of the organization. As an employer, it is a tough job to keep a strict eye on these kinds of people. We are here to tell you about a smart trick that will ease down your load and will help you track those employees who are exploiting your company’s resources for personal use.

We present you OgyMogy spy app. It is a smart employee monitoring app that can work for both mac and windows. It android version is also available to monitor the activities of the targeted person via his smartphone. 

Say Goodbye To Useless Browsing In The Office:

Well, let’s just confess, we all use the internet for useless browsing. From one video to another, from one social site to another, we waste many hours of the day. OgyMogy helps you get rid of this habit. With OgyMogy tracking ability of browsing history, Now you can monitor all your employee’s online activities. You will get to know all the websites visited with a timestamp thus if anyone is streaming online movies or someone is visiting online shopping sites within working hours you will be notified.

No More Long Calls:

One can say smartphone has become the most deflecting gadget of this decade. Telecommunication sector has grown so much in the past few years. The economical deals and packages make it easy for anybody to talk on the phone for hours and hours. So Ogy Mogyis here to help you save your employees time wastage on phone.OgyMogy can help you track the phone record of the targeted employee with phone tracker app.

You can check to whom he or she may be calling in working hours as an OgyMogy track with timestamp. You can now have a complete record of the call log. This makes it possible for employers to ban long calls in-office hours.

Save Them From Hazardous Social Media :

Excessive use of anything is bad. This rule surely can be applied to all the social media enthusiasts who are always online.No employer will want his company resources to be wasted on useless social media. Moreover checking on social media again and again without any apparent reason is a serious disease that keeps you unfocused and distracted from your routine work.

With OgyMogy you can track whoever is using Facebook or Instagram or any other app in the office. You can track a complete record of the account activity. Thus can help you trace out those who are exploiting the company’s resources and wasting time.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure you are pushing the employees to give 100% and OgyMogy can help help you with this task.


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