5 Big Issues of School System and Their Solutions

Running a school system and achieving the highest mission is not a piece of cake. For school management, high school management, bringing all departments and campuses together to achieve the goal is always big and challenging.

5 Biggest Issues of School System & Their Reliable Solutions

The current school system is beset by a great range of challenges. But if we see the other side of the coin, today’s school systems are far better than the traditional school systems. Technologies are the biggest change and fairly managing the current situation as well. 

The use of technologies in the school system is the greatest advantage at the same time that solves many problems. If we take an example of a country, Pakistan’s education system is still working hard to provide the latest and the best. There are several problems faced by the school management system Pakistan.

One of the major problems is the unequal lines in the education system. Medium of education is very different in both, private and public sectors. Some biggest issues are mentioned below in this article. You can find its solution to make your school system better and latest.

Quality of education and testing:

The one of the biggest issues of the school system is students are not getting quality education. The similar old paper testing is going on. Students face problems in their practical life. School system should be updated. Books and libraries should be renewed every 2-3 years, so students can know about the latest research. Moreover, for testing, the best option is online quizzes, verbal testing through debates and other competitions. 

Overcrowded classrooms:

According to many researches of different countries, overcrowded classrooms affect negatively in students’ learning and upbringing. The overloaded classroom is very difficult to handle by teachers. Moreover, they cannot deliver their teachings appropriately due to these issues. You can simply divide your classrooms into small sections. Only a small number of classes can enable an active role for students.

Manual data records:

There are several school systems which are lost in registers records. They keep all their data records in registers and finding and updating those data is always an issue. The problem of this solution is really simple. You just need to update your school system and introduce a software for your data records. 

Usage of technologies:

Another common issue is technology for the school system. There are several disadvantages if there is no use of technologies and similarly with the extensive use. Still students are carrying heavy bags on their backs. Using technologies like e-books can easily solve the problem. They can have access to their books and research which is very beneficial. 

Untrained teachers:

A very common problem for the school system is untrained teachers. They cannot provide quality education to students. Truly, people who do not get their job in any other sector, they go to try their luck in the education system. A proper training duration should be provided to every teacher. It should be mandatory for every teacher to complete the training and testing for the teaching profession. 


These are several counties in which the school system is facing issues due to unawareness of latest technologies. This is true, many of the schools are working manually, like marking dialing attendance and making results. There are different software, applications and technologies through which the problems can easily be solved.

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