Great Impact of Technology on Cab Services

The advancement of  technology has had an adverse effect on every business like Cab services. Be it shopping, travel, transportation, recharge, billing or anything you name it and you will see the effect of technology that made an impact in the industry. Technology is evolving rapidly thus making also an effect on the travel and tourism industry.

Few years back when technology had not made such an impact then booking your trip or travel or planning a trip would be a nightmare, searching a hotel with modest price is tough searching hotels with great facilities, clean bathrooms were hard to find things.

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 But after the effect of technology like OYO rooms, Fab hotels, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, GoIbibo booking hotels are not any difficult things anymore. You can even find the room service quality, an affordable pricing option, even reviews from previous customers that helps you greatly to choose a hotel. Travel planning is now just a matter of time, you find your time open Makemy trip or GoIbibo or Yatra and with some few clicks your trip plan is ready. 

Basically, the online business model did change our industry a lot. It makes it very easy, handy, affordable to find travel plans, hotels etc. Even Indian railway also started taking railway ticketing online thus helping a lot by saving time from standing in queue for booking a ticket. Ah! Redbus, making a whole lot of bus travel in just ease. 

Previously  people used to find bus routes, standpoint, reach point etc and etc before booking a bus ticket and again after waiting in a long queue, also you had less option of booking your favourite window seat on the bus. In that technology made an evolution and made bus booking in a smartphone, you can just book your favourite window ticket just by lying in your bed. Isn’t that amazing. 

Now, The advancement of travel and transportation technology has had an adverse effect on the cab services or taxi industry as well . A new breed of techies changed the face of cab services and local transportation service. Just like Ola & Uber. Previously while Ola, Uber are not in our country then  finding a cab was a difficult task and even if you get a cab for your destination pricing was a great issue. There will be an almost 80% chance that you will not get a cab at an affordable pricing  for sure. 

That’s where Ola & Uber like companies get there and make booking cab at a much affordable pricing and availability is so easy. Now you can book your cab just with a simple touch in your smartphone and the cab will be at your doorstep. How easy booking a cab at an affordable pricing nowadays.  

Local transportation is now a cakewalk to grab and also a lot of taxi drivers and owners are getting benefits from it. Previously, they used to get low customers thus increasing in price still they fight to cover up all their costs.

 After arriving technology in local transportation the drivers and cab owners are more happy as they are getting ample customers and making good amounts  of money in which they are able to cope up with all the costs.  In this way, arriving technology also makes hotel business much more good. The hotel owners are getting a good amount of customers thus making hotels much more affordable. 

Now, there comes a new marketplace for long distance cabs and outstation cabs basically the Intercity cab services in India was getting not good placements, taxi owners or drivers are not ready to go for such a long distance, then comes the fares, going to the long place and coming back without customers will be bad for business and also very cost effective. Thus taxi owners charge much more fares for longer distances as they need to come back without any customers so the customers who are going to take a long distance cab used to pay double the fare.

Making a good loss of necessary cab travel. Here then next generation techies changed the transportation model with technology . With making changes in technology they are able to make booking for customers in long distance at a much more affordable price. As with technology they  are getting returning customers thus not involving taking much price from a single customer. 

These players in the technology market are dominated by Gozocabs, savaari, Hippocabs, Bharat taxi etc. they have awesome pricing and technology softwares that changed the model of transportation  thus always offering a cheaper price to customers. Now, you can hire a cab for any kind of rental with just a few clicks from your smartphone or computer. 

GozoCabs also launched day rental cab services in which you can hire cabs with hourly basis. It will make meetings in multiple locations or shopping at multiple shops much easier. Just the cab will wait like your cab. You just need to tell the driver where you need to go within a kilometer of pricing which is opted by you. 

Pros of technology in Cab Services and Business :

  1. You can get taxi’s whenever you require. 
  2. Getting a taxi in mid night was a much bigger issue, with the effect of technology in cab service made this simple. 
  3. You can even easily cancel the cab services with no extra cost in the last time while you postpone your travel plan.
  4. Booking a cab in advanced time is easier.
  5. Outstation taxi service is much more affordable and available with the effect of technology. I.e GozoCabs.
  6. You can book cabs from your mobile, laptop or tablets. 
  7. No cash, no problem you can pay via  debit/credit cards or net banking easily. 

More, you can get various discounts or coupons while booking your cab, making it much cheaper.

Cons of technology in Cab Services and Business :

  1. Almost all cab companies charge cancellation fees for your last minute cab cancellation.
  2. Cab drivers can also cancel your booking without a valid reason.
  3. Huge numbers of promotional Emails and messages in your inbox. 
  4. Some third parties also get your contact details for sending promotional messages or emails on behalf of the company.

For now, taxi apps are perhaps the ultimate examples of digital disruptors. It allows people to track their cab’s arrival progress and pay from a smartphone. Now that’s transparency of the kind never seen before in the taxi industry, and it’s changed the business model.

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