High Variance Slots to Avoid: What You Need to Know

High Variance Slots

One cannot measure the curiosity of the players when it comes to winning prizes and ways of winning them. In slots, these wins can be made possible through various means, one of the most popular means, and sometimes life-changing, are the High Variance Slots – deposit and play.

High variance or high volatility slots are known to be risky as they require big bets and pay out less frequently. Winning with these slots is an act of pure patience because it doesn’t happen quite often. But when you hit that win, it usually makes up for all the previous losses with a magnanimous payout in one go. This is the kind of thrill that players love to enjoy, which keeps them pursuing high variance slots in spite of all the risks involved.

In this article, we explore the prospects of high variance slots for our players and a few tips for working through these slots lucratively.

Is It Worth Playing High Variance Slots?

All types of slots are there for the players to try one way or the other. High variance slots have their pros and cons, but ultimately, they are loved by millions of players worldwide because of their capacity to pay out massively. In addition, the worthiness of any slot game depends entirely on the players’ gaming preferences.

Since high variance slots pay big but rarely, there is a high inherent risk in these slots. If you don’t mind the riskiness and are ready with a decent budget just for the slot bets, then high variance slots will certainly give you a good time at the casino. But be ready for a patient session as it will take you many spins to reach that big win for the night.

Tips for Selecting the Most Ideal High Variance Slots

Although there are no hard and fast rules applicable to anything in the gambling world, a few tips here and there can assist in making decisions that can turn tables for good. While searching for a high variance slot:

  • Check the paytable that comes with it; the difference between max wins and max bets spells out a good high variance slot.
  • Find out the slot machine’s payout status; if a slot has paid out recently, avoid it!
  • Consider options with huge jackpot offerings.
  • Fix a budget beforehand, and be ready to work with a steady bet value per spin that is manageable.
  • Keep the gamble feature as the last thing to consider.
  • Always prioritise the RTP of the slot for a more informed choice.

High Variance Slots to Avoid: Final Remarks

Since all the high variance slots do have something big to offer to the players, it will be harsh to disregard some of them as an unworthy option to play. However, to help you narrow your search, we suggest you stick with the slots that offer RTP value of 96% or higher. Finally, follow your gambling instincts and your strategy to get the best from high variance slots.