Important Factors to Consider while Buying a Mac

When you decide to buy something new, you probably look for the factors that can optimize your spendings to the maximum extent. Buying a laptop is not similar to buying a coffee from a cafe, where you can just visit the shop and buy it, when more than $1000 is involved, you do not just buy. Most of the people make a budget in which they would be buying a laptop, whereas others just do not care about the money, they just need the right thing.

If you have never bought a Mac before, and this is your first time, you would not probably know that when you buy a Mac, you not only pay the price of the laptop but also need to pay for the apps you would need while working on your Mac. You can save a lot of money by subscribing to sites that provide access to a collection of software from different developers.

The range of laptops offered by Apple differs from each other in many aspects. Obviously, you would have a set of preferences in your mind to choose the best Mac, but there are some factors that you must consider while buying a Mac. This article would enlighten you with important aspects of a Mac that you should consider while buying one.

1. Screen Size and portability

If you are buying an Apple laptop for the first time, it is important for you to know that there are two laptop lines offered by Apple, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Both product lines offer different screen sizes, it depends on your preference whether you need a laptop with big screen size or the screen does not matter. Well, if you prefer to have a laptop with a wide display, you should go for MacBook Pro, as it comes in 13.3 inches as well as in 16 inches.

While considering the screen size, do not forget the impact of a widescreen laptop on portability as the weight of the 16 inches laptop makes it a little bit heavier. The best part is that all the recent models are lighter than previous models.

2. RAM

The most obvious factor that every laptop buyer considers is the RAM, it’s all about how much your pocket allows you to upgrade your system. The decision of how much computer memory to buy is also important as it affects the performance and speed of your laptop. The larger the RAM, the quicker your system can access data. It heavily depends upon the use, if you would not need to run more programs more memory would be required.

You might now be aware of the fact that Apple company does not allow Mac users to bring change to the RAM on Macbooks. This makes it difficult for Mac users to upgrade the performance of their computer, hence it would be better to choose wisely.

3. Processor speed

Of course, you are looking for an Apple laptop that has everything that ensures the enhanced performance. You would prefer to consider a more updated and powerful processor in order to increase the speed of your computer, but do you know that it is not possible to swap out parts of Macbook current models, hence make up your mind to around $200 more if you want to move up to a better processor.

If you are only purchasing a new Mac to write reports and take notes, it would be wise to save some money by purchasing less, but if you intend to use it for creative work like Adobe products or something similar to Final cut Pro, then it would be wise to go with the bigger processor.

4. Storage

After the dominance of cloud-based computing, the significance of onboard storage on computers has reduced over the last couple of years. Keeping this in mind, do not go for the 1TB of storage or 256GB. 

As 1TB would only be suitable if you have plans to install big apps or to load your library with an immense amount of photos and videos and 256 is just not enough for long-term use. Hence, 512 GB of space is decent.


It is recommended to buy a case or bag as well for your beautiful device, as Apple laptops are quite delicate. Plus it would also be better to consider a portable hard drive in order to backup your Mac device using the built-in Time Machine feature.