DIY Gift Boxes by Elegant Shimmer Cardstock Papers

Favors are always important in order to build and maintain a trusting relationship with your friends and loved ones. It is like a norm to elevate the visual appeal of your gift items along with ensuring their security in an ultimate way. Gift boxes manufactured of high-quality cardboard materials are always effective in the process as they are superior in protective nature and can also be customized in a number of creative and eye-popping formats.

Some important update about why Gift Boxes by Elegant Shimmer Cardstock Papers are the best:

Why they matter?

The packaging is always highly essential for ensuring the protection of the goods as it keeps all the damaging factors away in addition to elevating the visual appeal of the design in the most effective manner. Packaging for consumer items matters, but when it comes to gifting purposes, the significance is even high. It is like a norm in society to place the gifts in creative and innovative designs of decorative gift boxes that are perfect for protecting the products and can also elevate the appeal of your favor in front of gift receivers.

You put so much effort into selecting the best ever item that suits your gift beholder, and thus, handing them a plain product will never be enough. Custom luxury boxes for gift items are always effective to present favors to your loved ones as they are appealing in visual and can be customized exactly in accordance with the demand. From cookie packaging to clothing gift boxes wholesale supplies, the market is now filled with creative and innovative designs of favor packaging that can help your gift item to jump off from the rest.

Why is DIY perfect?

Pre-made packaging that is available in the market is always perfect as it is high in quality and are customizable in accordance with the needs. From gift sleeve boxes to card boxes, there is a variety of creative designs of packaging that are available in the market and can help you to package the favors effectively. Either you can select the pre-made designs of decorative gift boxes with lids from the market or can go for making one on your own.

These DIY projects are always effective in order to elevate the appeal of your gift packaging because you can showcase your love and care for the gift receiver by reflecting how much effort you make for the gift item perfect for them. You can reuse old packaging such as product display boxes in order to gather raw materials for your project and then make the most innovative designs by using these boxes. Let’s start with the project to make flower gift boxes wholesale supplies at your home.

How to make one?

Making the decorative flap boxes is always a fun part of gifting. The process is highly easy and can also be used in schools to unleash the creativity of kids. You can initiate this project by making use of 8.5 square inches of shimmer cardstock materials. Either you can purchase the cardstock from your local shop or can go with reusing the materials acquired from old glue boxes. The box itself is 3.5 into 2.5 inches in dimensions. You will be required to have some basic supplies such as
⦁ Metal or wooden Ruler to mark the dimensions
⦁ A bone folder of old custom gift card boxes for getting the cardstock sheet
⦁ Scor-tape or glue to hold the position of boxes
⦁ Pencil to mark dimensions
⦁ Paper cutter or safety scissors to cut the material

Instructions for the project

Once you get the essential supplies for the project, you can now step into making the gift packaging on your own, simply follow these steps one by one.
⦁ First of all, start with putting diagonal lines on the materials by using the ruler and pencil, once you have marked the diagonal lines, proceed to mark the vertical lines in order to divide the paper stock into quarters.
⦁ Cut a 3.5 inch of paper material and draw a pencil line in the middle, both in vertical and horizontal dimensions, afterward center them and extend the sides by using pencil lines.
⦁ Mark triangles inside the distributed quarters
⦁ Use the opposite tip of scissor or paper cutter in order to score and fold the box. Know that you don’t need to cut but only perforate the material about half of its thickness. Make use of glue or score-tape on the sides of the triangle where will make the joint.
⦁ Prepare the lid before finally assembling the box.
⦁ Make use of a corner punch on the lid flap and then use small triangles to extend the length of the lid. Do trimming if required.
⦁ Cut the opposing slits of the construction in order to close the box.
⦁ Sore the folding area for smoothness and functionality
⦁ Tape the sides of the box, you can also use glue in between the flaps for higher sturdiness.
⦁ Embellish the fancy boxes as you desire, and you are ready to go.


You can make alluring gift wrapping boxes just by doing little customization. This can make your gift look better and you can surprise your loved ones .you can use customized gift boxes to make moments memorable. Choosing the right color scheme or design can make a big difference