1 Best Way to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Looking for how do i delete instagram account? Don’t worry you came to the right place. Whether it’s because you are spending too much time on social media like Instagram and you aren’t able to focus on your goal and want to delete your Instagram account. this might be your great choice.

delete instagram account

In this blog I will guide you how to delete Instagram accounts forever. But before deleting Instagram accounts you should keep in mind some few things. It happens, in flow you delete your Instagram account and after a few days you start regretting yourself. 

Because when you delete your Instagram account, all memories which you had posted on your profile will be deleted forever.

Things to know before delete Instagram account

So you have to think before knowing how to delete Instagram account permanently. I know you are thinking what are the things that I have to keep in before deleting my Instagram account.

In my opinion deleting is not the best way to stay from Instagram because you can never undo the process of delete. So what can we do instead of this?

Well you can deactivate your account instead of deleting it.

What are the differences between Delete and Deactivate Instagram accounts?

So first of all we have to decide what is the major difference between delete Instagram and deactivate Instagram account.

Delete Instagram

In this process your all account details and memory will be gone for permanently. Your profile picture, photos, videos, stories, comments, followers or whom you are following will be deleted for forever. You aren’t able to sign in again with the same email id, user id, or password. These details will be deleted from Instagram database and you are not able to retrieve it again.

Deactivate Instagram

I think this might be a useful way to get away from Instagram or social media accounts instead of deleting it. In this process you don’t have to delete your Instagram account. This is the way through which you can be away from Instagram for a week, months, or maybe years. This process will never delete your Instagram database. Your profile picture, images, stories, videos, comments, followers or whom you are following are still safe and you are again able to login on the same user id, email, id and password too.

When you deactivate your profile pictures, photos, stories, videos, comments, likes, followers and whom you are following will be hidden from Instagram data base and you can again restore all your data and profile simply by login again with the same user id, email id and password too. This will be as you stay away from Instagram and don’t have to delete accounts. This is like you never went from Instagram but you are hidden from Instagram.

This might be your right and best option if you want to temporarily leave Instagram.

How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account

If you decided to delete Instagram account then you must have to follow all these steps. This process will help you on how to delete instagram account permanent, delete instagram account page, how to delete instagram account from iphone and

  • First of all visit your Instagram account and login into it with the same user id and password that is associated with your account.
  • Click on settings if you are a mobile user otherwise choose help if you are using Instagram through desktop which you found in footer.
  • Go to privacy and settings and you are redirected to Instagram web page. You get several options: choose delete account. This process is the same in both mobile and desktop too because you are redirected to a web page..
  • When you are redirected to the deactivate account page you are advised to keep your data safe.

“ nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of the Instagram community. People put their trust in us sharing their moments of life on Instagram. So we will never make any compromises when it comes to safeguarding your data”

  • These are the lines you are to be given before deleting your Instagram account.
  • Also you are to be asked why you are deleting your Instagram account. Choose your appropriate reasons.
  • And the last steps you are to be fill your Instagram password and that’s all,
  •  You will get a pop up that your account is successfully deleted.


If you want to stay away from Instagram for forever then choose the delete option in Instagram otherwise if you leave Instagram for a few days or week or may be year then you must have to go through deactivate Instagram option.

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