Settling for Bridging Visa B Application? Undergo Its Process First

What is a Bridging Visa? Just like their name, bridging visa allows the applicant to temporarily stay in Australia legally till the time of their application for a substantive visa doesn’t get approved.  There are five different types of bridging visas (BVA, BVB, BVC, BVD, and BVE) and all have a different purpose to solve for their applicants.

bridging visa

It is essential for an applicant to stay lawfully in Australia as there might be chances of legal issues if someone founds to be illegitimate staying which can cause detainment. Taking help from experts or Immigration Agent Perth will guide the applicants throughout the process and help them get their application get converted.

What is Bridging Visa B?

The bridging visa B subclass 020 is a temporary visa which helps its applicants to single or multiple travels to leave and return to Australia for a specific time frame when your substantive visa application is under progress. Unlike other visas, which get canceled as soon as you depart from Australia. 

How can a person be termed ‘Qualified’ for Bridging Visa 020?

If an applicant is determined to apply for the application of Bridging Visa B, he/she will be termed qualified only if,

1. If the applicant is currently in Australia.

2. If the applicant already holding BVA OR BVB visa

3. If the applicant has genuine concerns to visit in and out of Australia for multiple times.

4. If the application for the respective substantive visa is on hold or waiting to be processed.

When an applicant can apply for Bridging Visa B (BVB)?

Although getting a BVB or 020 visa is not a hard nut to crack as it requires genuine reasons from the applicant and to travel in and out and necessary documents to serve the application. But even so, to be on a safer side, the Department expects the applicants to lodge their BVB only 3 months in advance or not less than 2 weeks.

Reason being, the Department of Home Affairs cannot understand whether your substantive visa will be approved if you have applied very far in advance.  An applicant can file the application for BVB online if their substantive visa application is in progress. Being non- extendable once granted, the duration of BVB remains valid till you don’t get your respective substantive visa in your hands.

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What is the bridging visa b processing time?

There is no specific time span as it depends upon the file which reaches to the immigration department. However, to get the process to happen smoothly by clearing all the obstructions, applicants are necessary to produce valid documents to the immigration department, which gets converted easily. Usually, it takes 28 days to complete all the visa process and the necessary formalities.

What are the eligibility criteria which are needed to be fulfilled by the applicants for Bridging visa B?

All the requirements are the same for all the six bridging visas as the almost same type of documents are needed to present to the Department of Home Affairs. The applicants need to fulfil conditions, which are? 

Age Requirement 

There is no age restriction for the applicants to avail this visa as it is valid for everyone. However, they need to be above 18 years to be termed qualified for signing the withdrawal application.  


According to the guidelines decided by Immigration department Australia, the candidate must be inside the nation at the time of applying the application for BVB. This visa allows the visitor to travel single or multiple times in and out of Australia, which solely depends on the reasons and documents you produce to the immigration department. 

Health and Character Requirements

To ensure the safety and security of its public, the Department of Home Affairs doesn’t entertain any negligence in keeping a close look towards accessing the health and character status of the applicant. The applicant must meet the requirements of the well being and character conditions as set up migration department as they might be asked to produce documents to serve as proof. 

What is Bridging Visa B Work Right which an applicant receives?

Bridging Visa B holders may work according to the given time frame. They are free to be associated with any organisation they were previously working and enjoy all the rights like before. 

Bridging visa B has a lot to offer for its applicants as it allows the applicant to travel single or multiple times as well as work without any interruption. To apply for this visa, the best job is to handover the entire process to Migration Agent Perth, which can take care of all the tasks and present an error-free report to the immigration department. They are experts in doing all the tasks in a legal way and get the applicants out from any future issues related to their stay in Australia.