Best Social Media Platforms in 2020 | Alternatives to Facebook

Most likely, Facebook has the high ground on every single social media platforms, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t some other social media platforms like Facebook. 

These days, the web stacked with social media platforms. You have a great deal of decisions identified with social media platforms. The most well known social media locales are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and some more. 

Best Social Media Platforms

Here we will talk about the distinctive social media platforms in 2020 that are comparative and option to Facebook. As per Tech Innovative, practically 2.6 billion dynamic clients have been accounted for so far in the primary quarter of 2020. Envision what number of clients will increment before the finish of 2020. 

Facebook propelled on Feb 4, 2004, and with the entry of a speedy time, it picked up notoriety everywhere throughout the world. Presently, every nation on the planet approaches Facebook aside from China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Practically half individuals of North Korea have no entrance to the web; China and Iran have entirely confined Facebook. 

My point is to compose this article for the individuals who believe that there are no other social media platforms accessible on the web. Individuals from China, Iran, and Syria can utilize the option to Facebook. They simply need the correct way to open up and get associated with the world. 

Indeed, on the off chance that you are considering utilizing Instagram, Whatsapp, and FriendFeed, as the option to Facebook, at that point you have to reconsider. Facebook as of now possesses all these social media platforms. 

We will talk about the ten diverse Social Media Platforms that can be options to Facebook. 

Keep in mind, the greater part of these social media platforms aren’t as well known as Facebook yet can be convenient on the off chance that you considered Facebook as another option. 


Twitter is the head of the rundown. Twitter can be the best option to Facebook contrasted with its clients and ubiquity. Twitter was propelled in March 2006 and bit by bit picked up its prominence in days. There are 330 million month to month dynamic clients of Twitter. Twitter causes clients to keep steady over patterns happening everywhere throughout the world by utilizing #tags in their posts. 

You can likewise share your musings, pictures, and discover individuals utilizing telephone numbers and email addresses or even with a username. 


Tumblr is somewhat not quite the same as other social media platforms. For the most part individuals use to post multi-media and printed content and other substance to a short-structure blog. You can join networks and grow your plans to the world. Tumblr was propelled in 2007 and right now possessed by Automattic. This social media site has 500 million visits for every month, which are higher than Twitter. 


LinkedIn is additionally a social media stage, however this one is for Professionals as it were. On the off chance that you have a few abilities, skills, and need to make a portfolio or quest for occupations, this stage is for you. Make a record on LinkedIn and exhibit your insight and let the world come searching for you. LinkedIn’s complete number of clients is 675 million, and 310 number of dynamic clients visit is a social media stage month to month. Interestingly, over 70% of clients are from outside the US. 


All things considered, this stage is something unique for the more youthful age. Snapchat is a visual social media stage for everybody. Snapchat lets clients share snaps and update its sculptures 24hrs consistently like WhatsApp and Instagram. The Snapchat crowd is 101 million around the world. Snapchat considered being one of the main social media platforms around the globe. 


Pinterest generally utilized for infographics content. Clients can make sheets and include pictures. The greater part of the brands additionally use Pinterest to create Pin of their items, which they can straightforwardly make buys. Pinterest propelled in March 2010. Pinterest has in excess of 320 million month to month dynamic clients around the world. 


Reddit is a social bookmarking site where individuals connect with one another with applicable subjects. It resembles a social media stage that thought about a news center point. Individuals began to share the most recent news and data from various platforms on Reddit. Like Facebook emoticon responses and Twitter resembles buttons, there is an upvote and downvote button in Reddit. Individuals can upvote and downvote or even remark on the posts. Reddit positions as the nineteenth most visited site in the US and the world. 


Indeed, who in the entire world would not think about Youtube? Everybody does. Youtube is the video-sharing social media stage on the planet. Indeed, there are numerous other video sharing platforms, yet they have zero rivalry with Youtube. Youtube lets clients transfer their recordings and associate with one another by survey recordings. Youtube has 2 billion dynamic clients month to month. It propelled to the general population in 2005.

The MixMix is a social media stage that permits you to make and gather content about explicit substance/intrigue that you like. It’s increasingly similar to news that offers articles and are discoverable to other people. Indeed, Mix isn’t as acclaimed like other social media platforms, yet it very well may be helpful for bloggers and substance makers. 


Quora is the greatest social media stage for questions and replies. Individuals pose many inquiries about various classifications and themes each day. Other people, group individuals and specialists answer the things expertly. Quora propelled on June 21, 2010. 


VK is a Russian social media stage. Initially, the site propelled with the Russian language. In any case, presently it bolsters different words. VK is generally famous among Russian speakers. The site is like Facebook; clients can make gatherings, transfer photographs, recordings, and even mess around on this social media stage.