8 Best Places to visit in Virginia, USA

Gorgeous coastline, natural wonders, magnificent beaches, historic landmarks, and heritage museums embellish the plethora of tourist destinations in Virginia, a state in the USA. It’s one of the prominent and most popular vacation spots for travel enthusiasts. Enticing travelers from all over the world, it experiences a significantly high footfall every year. If you are eager to explore this wondrous place, you must ensure to add the recommended best places to visit in Virginia enlisted in this article.

8 Best Places to visit in Virginia, USA

From adventure seekers, beach lovers, nature admirers to history fans, Virginia has enough at its store to engage all. Let us now venture out on a short virtual tour to the key places to visit in Virginia.

Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns is a breathtaking limestone formation of stalactites and stalagmites. It is essentially a cave, with a spectacular aura of nature’s amazing creation. You will be provided a well-guided tour, experts providing details about each of the chambers inside.  The key attractions of the caverns are the sprawling column The Towering Icon, the Titania’s Veil, and the Great Stalacpipe Organ. The organ possesses an astonishing capability of producing musical notes, harping through the stalactites. There are water bodies too inside the caves, sparkling and glittering with the reflection of the structures on them.

You must also visit the museums located near the caverns, the Car and Carriage Cavern Museum, the Luray Valley Museum, and the Toy Town Junction.

Virginia Beach

It is one of the most preferred places to visit in Virginia. Strolling across the golden sandy beach and experiencing the soothing breeze is a precious feeling. The beach is wrapped up with a wide array of fun-filled and entertaining activities. Restaurants, food stalls, cafes, and hotels are present in abundance. The Ocean Breeze Water Park is located nearby, especially for the kids and the youth to enjoy amid amusing rides and water activities. The other attraction is the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum. You can observe the different species of marine animals and learn about their survival and food habits. 

Shenandoah National Park

The park blooms with vibrant colored trees and plantations during the fall season. The entire place transforms into a magical land, the touch of nature’s pristine wand of beauty. Driving across the mountain and forest trails is a thrilling experience. No doubt it is one of the best places to visit in Virginia. The exotic flora and fauna are a photographer’s delight. Bird watchers can spend a wonderful time, spotting the different species of birds chirping around – a soothing melody to the ears. 

Natural Bridge of Virginia

Standing steady at a sprawling height of 215 feet, an amazing creation of Mother Nature is the country’s one of the prestigious sightseeing spots. Its formation is attributed to the dismantling of a cavern by natural forces. The best way to explore the place is to walk around the Cedar Creek Trail, beneath the bridge. You can observe the Lace and Cascade Falls on the way. There are caverns nearby the bridge comprising of limestone structures, mirror lakes; almost below a height similar to a 34 storey building. 


The capital city of Virginia, is a witness to several historical monuments and buildings. The State Capitol building, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, and the St John’s Episcopal Church are some of the prominent ones. The Canal Walk along the banks of the river James and the canal of Kanawha, provides a spectacular view of the city. There are numerous historic residences symbolically representing the American civil war. The Richmond National Battlefield Park, John Marshall House, and the White House of the Confederacy are the key ones you must visit.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is one of the significant places to visit in Virginia, being the residence of George Washington. The house along with the landscaped garden was specially designed and constructed under his brilliant supervision. The architectural marvels, the exquisite interior designs, and the curated gardens proclaims his immense taste for beauty and intricate artworks. The lawns, the pathways, and the plantations were specifically focused and attended by Washington. You will love to watch the serenity prevailing in the place coupled with its exclusive design.


Designed by Thomas Jefferson, Monticello is a lavish mansion at Charlottesville. He took special care in designing one of the best country houses in the country. Such was his interest in architectural brilliance and eccentric beauty that he continued renovating the house. Encircling the mansion is a beautiful garden adorned with well preserved plants, trees, and lawns. Jefferson was also a scientist and an engineer. His amazing inventions of furniture, clocks, macaroni, etc. are displayed inside the mansion.

Colonial National Park

The park encircles two historical towns of Virginia – Yorktown and Jamestown. The towns are old settlements, established by the British. Captain James Smith was instrumental in founding Jamestown, named after him. You can observe the remains of many buildings, and churches in the town. There is a statue of Smith, a fort reconstructed to illustrate his era, museums and galleries, and the Powhatan village displaying the different archaeological findings and drawings. At Yorktown, you must visit Nelson and Moore houses and the Grace Episcopal church.

Best time to visit Virginia

If you are planning for a trip to Virginia, then the better months to visit are between April and October. At the onset of the spring, the weather is fabulous and pleasant, excellent for a memorable visit. 

The Nearest Airports

The International airports are at Norfolk, Richmond, and Newport. There are several other regional airports for domestic transfer. 

Virginia is one of the beautiful places to visit in the USA. Adorned with lush greenery, it is a pleasant destination to spend a peaceful vacation with family and friends. For travelers who have a special craze for history, Virginia is the best place to fine tune their knowledge and appreciate the ancient buildings and mansions.

All along, a surreal and enchanting place to spend an enthralling vacation or weekends filled with wonders and ecstasies. And last but not the least, do not forget to buy some souvenirs and gifts as a token of your visit.