Best Free iOS Time Waster Apps for Kids

Apple’s iPhones and iPads can also be used as teaching and entertainment tools for kids. The following is a list of iOS time waster apps that you can download for the purpose of making your kids happy.

Raising a kid at this modern day and age is quite different from how it was a decade ago. Back then we don’t have all these gadgets that they could play with, and they really had to go out and interact with friends in order to have a good time. Playtime back then was also the perfect learning time, as parents mixed bits and pieces of valuable lessons while their children is preoccupied with their toys or coloring books.

Parents today fear that with the abundance of entertainment options, their kids could learn the wrong things or be with the wrong crowd. But if you are tech-savvy and you know your way around gadgets, you could still get your kids to enjoy playtime while they learn a lesson or two.

Here are some great time wasters that you can download on your iPhone or iPad. They’re not only entertaining and educational, but they are also free. List of 4 free iOS time waster apps-

Pocket FrogsiOS Time Waster Apps

It is one among the best time waster. Remember when you used to chase after frogs and keep them as pets, only to get scolded by your mom because you can’t just bring a frog into the house or keep it floating in the toile bowl? Well, your kid won’t be able to experience that, and you wouldn’t want them chasing and touching these amphibians anyway.

You can let your kids have the next best thing by downloading this app and let them care for one as a virtual pet. It’s not like a dog or a cat, but at least it could teach them a bit about responsibility, or a thing or two about the frog’s life cycle.

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections

This is another time waster app for iOS. Dinosaurs are truly fascinating, and you don’t have to be a kid to admit that. But we really don’t learn much about them, except when it is tackled in school or is featured in a TV show.

If for some reason you can’t take your child to an actual museum that features dinosaur bones and fossils, you can just download this app and take him on a virtual tour. Don’t worry, this app is free, so there’s really no reason to worry about expenses, snacks, or pocket money, because you can gawk at all these old bones at the comfort of your living room.

Mad Libs

This free app from Penguin Group USA is a great tool for parents who are slowly running out of creativity and imagination. Even if you’re drained from work or stressed from doing a lot of chores, you don’t have to disappoint your kids when they asked you to tell a story. Mad Libs lets you concoct a fun fable or a crazy tale about colourful characters with just a few swipes and taps.

All you need is fill in the blanks, and the app will give you a mad adlib of a story. Name some of the characters after your kids or their crazy uncle, and their imagination would run wild as this app guides you all throughout.

Scribble Lite

Your iPhone is not just a business telephone or a gaming device. With an app like Scribble Lite, you can transform it into a palm-sized scratch pad that can help cultivate your kid’s artistic side. This app will let them try different colors with different strokes, an endless possibility for fun and learning. Teach them how to draw an apple or an orange, and let them pick the right color to be used.

With a little more effort, draw a cat or a dog, and ask them to tell what type of animal you’ve drawn. It’s all up to you to guide them to learn and have fun on your mobile devices.

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