Best Curtain tips for a calm home during the intense heat

In Dubai, the temperature is higher than 35 ° C. Intense warmth can harm the skin, body, and overall health in such conditions. When we go out, we have to keep calm. During intense heat, we must also keep our home cool like now. Our doors can be kept secure. However, if we have windows facing the sun, we don’t want to close the windows at any time because only the heat stops and the light we need during the day.

Best Curtain tips for a calm home during the intense heat
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Curtain Dubai, therefore, covers the windows. Whenever you’re in a room that’s too hot, the best thing to do is add some Curtain. Since your home’s privacy will be affected, it’s a good idea to keep the curtains closed. That will also make your house feel cozier and warm. In the summertime, during the heat, you can follow some tips for a fresh home. For summer, you can buy the best curtains and follow the following tips:

Use light color curtains

During the intense heat, you can keep your room cooler through drapes or curtain Dubai to cover the windows. Light-colored fabrics or reflective window therapy curtains in summer are the best choice. You can use adjustable curtains to keep the curtains fully closed to sunlight within the space as a light and heat barrier.

Use blackout curtains

Stay cool during the hottest hours of the day while your windows are covered. Keep the curtains closed during the day so that the sun does not shine straight through the glass. You are recommended to use blackout curtains designed to prevent the transfer of heat. It lets you change the brightness for longer hours and keeps your room cool. If heat absorption is your focus, you should use the darker light.

Use sheer curtains

In summer, you always enjoy the sun, and you can enjoy sheer curtains. These are transparent, allow the light to penetrate, keep your view intact, provide little more protection, and keep insects from your rooms. The light that passes through a collection of sheer curtains makes your room comfortable and gives you a peaceful and relaxed look. Curtain Dubai for a living or any other place are great options. In Dubai, you can buy some of the best curtains.

Use a combination of sheer and blackout curtains

Sheer curtain gives the sunlight mild, and sunlight blocks blackout curtains. In summer, you can use a sheer curtain combined with blackout fabric to bring the blackout fabric together, and you can use a bright curtain to enjoy the light.

Use custom made curtains

You can always go for curtains that are made to measure if you are not getting what you require in ready-made options. It provides you with an enormous opportunity to choose everything as needed, such as fabric type, fabric length, and width, endless design options, color options, and styles. However, you can solve the summer heat problem with these curtains if you have a little extra budget. The best design curtains in Dubai can always be obtained.

Use full-length curtain

If you have the curtain rods, you can be sure that you won’t be forced to use the curtains. Make sure that you get the full-length curtain when you buy one of these free-standing types.

The more intense it gets, the less your room will be cold. If the temperature outside is warmer than the temperature inside, you can take some curtains down and use them to cover your windows. 

Curtains should be clean and neat 

The curtain rod’s right position should be above the window so that it hangs smoothly without hanging up. When the curtain is up, the whole part of the curtain covering the windows will contact the air. If it’s a heavy curtain, it could only fall on the floor, causing the entire room to be shaded.

Natural light is another essential factor that plays a role in the temperature of your home. It would help if you had curtains not placed against the window because they only reflect light and will not diffuse it. It will be revealed. To eliminate this problem, you can buy a window shade to block the rays from reaching the room.


It would help if you kept the curtains drawn because they’ll absorb heat when they’re closed. That will warm up the room and eventually will bring it to uncomfortable temperatures. It would help if you considered opening them during the evening. If you have open-air in your room, the curtains will prevent your rooms from getting too cold. You can pull them aside slightly so that the breeze can enter. It will warm up the room and allow you to move around freely without feeling too cold.

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