Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise with Hosting that Businesses Can’t Ignore

The main motive of a business is to make a profit and earn money so that it can sustain itself in the market and grow at a steady pace. There are a lot of accounting transactions that need to be entered into the accounting books, and even if 1 entry goes wrong, the entire book is affected. That is where QuickBooks comes in. 

QuickBooks helps businesses streamline all their business transaction and also manage their inventories with integrations and industry-specific tools that are included with the Desktop version. Most of the businesses prefer to use the QuickBooks Desktop version due to business-specific features and the customization features that the Online version lacks. With cloud computing being the future of the market, businesses can also take advantage of it and implement the power of the cloud through QuickBooks Cloud Hosting.

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

1. Simplified Accounting

When a business is already using QuickBooks, there is no need for its employees to learn the software as businesses can opt for the same version of QuickBooks and then host it on the cloud. As it will be the same version there won’t be any change in the UI and all the functionalities would remain the same. The employees just need an internet connection to access the application from anywhere at any time. This won’t impact the productivity of the business, but in fact, might improve it.

2. Always Available

When a business hosts QuickBooks on the Cloud, they get round-the-clock availability to the application. The Hosted Virtual Desktop Provider delivers its services with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% by using a multi-redundant infrastructure. This means that their servers would be up at all times and not cause businesses any losses. Businesses who opt-in for cloud hosting services should always check for the guaranteed uptime and the other services.

3. Managed Hosting

One of the most compelling reasons is that businesses do not need to install any software on their desktops. The service provider takes care of the setup and installation part. They set up everything for the business and make sure that it is ready to use.

Businesses can also easily scale up the infrastructure with just a press of a button. As they do not have to invest in buying and setting up additional infrastructure, businesses save a lot of time and money. The service providers manage the infrastructure and also maintain top-notch security by practicing the latest security trends and reinforced firewalls.

4. Disaster Recovery

Every business is at risk of a natural and man-made disaster. With hosting service businesses can eliminate this risk as the data is back up daily on the Cloud servers of the hosting service and is then saved in the data centers located in a different geographical location. This means that even if there is a fire at the business or any employee deletes the files from the machine, they can be easily recovered from the cloud servers provided to them.

Simple Reporting and Efficient Financial Management

QB Enterprise allows you an end-to-end picture of your earnings and bank transactions in a single place. Users can simply enter payment transactions and also save formatting to reduce time. Users can select from default report templates and view the complete business data on one screen utilizing the Company Snapshot function. There are more than 130 default reports in QuickBooks Enterprise that allow users to view the real-time performance of their business.

Here are some added reporting features in QB Enterprise:

  • Several reports from Various Company files can be connected
  • Automated bill payment functions
  • Effortlessly track payments
  • Intuit Statement Writer assists in creating professional financial statements
  • Customized reports can be generated with ease
  • Enables users to download their credit and debit card transactions

Role-based Accessibility to Data

By using QuickBooks Enterprise, admins can allow access to a particular part of data to trusted employees depending on their positions. Different user profiles can be generated with the help of basic user templates with the centralized access function to allow permissions to decided employees.

Management of Payroll

  • Instantly find employee data
  • Integrated payroll tools streamline the payroll operation
  • Efficient tracking of employee time
  • In-built legal documentation for problems associated with employment
  • State and federal forms available to print

Reliable Vendor and Buying Modules

Instantly allocate classes to several items to correctly check the status of available stocks and determine which products and items require rearranging. Tracking several vendors, in a single place so you can grow your business without bothering about tracking issues. Additionally, you can invoice several clients at one go to save time which can then be spent in business development. More features include:

  • Instant access to vendor data
  • Simply input and remove vendors
  • Customize elements to clarify tracking
  • Easily creating and sending purchase orders
  • Pay vendors as soon as you receive orders through QuickBooks, with several functions that ease orders and tracking of various vendors

High-level Protection and Increased Productivity

The software supports around 30 users simultaneously, hence enabling the business to sell efficiently. Users can view earlier transactions, bills, invoices, and other operations that are due with the help of Calendar view. Business owners can also search for valuable documents like records and receipts and attach them to their QuickBooks accounts to arrange the reports in a better system. Additionally, they can automate the recurring business processes like searching an item in a sales order with the help of an item specification and save plenty of time.

As you see, these are some of the reasons why businesses should opt-in for QuickBooks Hosting as it is very beneficial for them. Apps4Rent provides QuickBooks Hosting services with 24/7 support and security. They also provide other products like Microsoft Government Cloud with great end-user support.